Saturday, 29 March 2014

                                   Update of my little kitten jett 

The little monkey nicked my place i only got out of bed to change my dvd and that was it grrr lol 

Another picture of my handsome little man :-)

This is him again playing with his new toy he loves it would recommend it.

Thankyou for taking the time to read my blog would love to know what you think about it.

Thank you


Songs i love this month 

This song and video is great very funny have a look its all for sports relief its great.

Love this song its very catchy 

I must say i love this song its great and have also brought the album its brill too. 

Love this song too

This is my favorite love tinie :-)

What are you favorite songs of the month would love to hear what songs you love or hate???

Thank you 

Hi guys im back i ant been on for ages sorry bout that had new job and things got on top you no how it is. Anyway im back now and want to share with you my recent haul in superdrug. There is so many new products their introducing that i haven't seen before so heres what i brought..

So i brought a new dry shampoo its tropical it smells lush and well worth the money. The new caffeine garnier eye roller for dark circles this is great does the trick too. I also got the garnier BB cream to go with it this is so light i hardly know its on love it would recommend this for sure. The little stick in the middle is the maybeline concealer stick and i must say i was a bit unsure if it would work but it does its great. the nivea bottle is a new eye make up double action and its great two attempts of wiping my eye make up off it was all gone its brill will buy this again. The last bottle is nail varnish remover its great i just but my finger in with nail varnish in the tub and turn my finger around and its gone absolutely brilliant. I love superdrug especially when all of this was under £20. BARGAIN or what????

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Hey everyone im back today i am advertising my friends small business/hobbie. She makes nappy cakes and cupcakes for when a new arrival is born into the family. Here are a few pictures of what she had made.

Displaying 20140221_135235.jpg

Here are the 2 tier cakes at 20 pounds
Or can do a 1 tier cake at 15 pounds

 All have pampers size 2 nappies,  and 100% cotton vests, socks mitts, Bib , teething ring, Johnson's baby bath or feeding bottle, depending on your choice.

Here are the cup cakes 

Displaying 20140221_105011.jpg  Single cup cake, containing cotton socks at £4.50. Or 4 boxed cup cakes containing socks, bib, scratch mitts, flannel. 8.99.

All nappy cakes come with a gift label and can be personalised if you wish. All designs come in any colour you want pink for a girl, blue for a boy, white or yellow if the gender of the baby is a surprise.  

If any of you are expecting a new arrival or know someone who is these are the perfect presents to buy. I love them :-) 

So leave a comment or direct message me on twitter @kayleighm_88 or @lizcutiecakes or email me on 

Thank you for reading my blog and hope to hear from you all soon 


Friday, 28 February 2014

Hi guys just quick question to ask you all.......

I have recently become a Avon representative and i must admit there's some great products from here and are at a reasonable price. Just blogging about this as i was wondering if i put a link on here which goes straight to a online book and straight to my account where you can order which goes straight to me.

I am willing to deliver your products anywhere in Lincolnshire is there anyone out there would be interested in this??????


  This mascara is new and fast selling at the moment people just love this product. 

Thank you for reading please let me know if you are interested


I have recently gotten into collecting handbags as you all know ladies you can never have enough handbags. Here are a few i have and a few i have on my own little wishlist :-) 

 I love this bag i use it for a day out and night out just stores enough essential to get you through the day/night. Just love it :-)

I got this for Christmas just love it cant fault it use it for day out that need more belonging to take with me so want more from their collection. 

I love these matching day and clutch bag so want this on my wish list.

 I love all three of these bags so want one for a night out would be ideal.

This handbag i really want to take on holiday with me would be good as it has a zip that hold everything i can take for a day out.

I could go on and on with all the bags i would love to have would like to know what you think of my choices in bags lol.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog 


Hey guys im back............
Well its nearly the end of February and i have not brought anything on my wishlist which is very disappointing on my part. But on a plus side i have won a few beauty products and would love to share a few things i have won with you all as i would love to know what you think of the products :-) 

My first thing i won was a beauty benefit bundle

   I love this bundle the lip glosses are amazing and the eye shadows are all neutral colours which i love as i can wear these everyday absolutely love this so lucky i won this.

The next product i won was the soap and glory eye shadow palette plus a Barry m blue nail varnish. 

I really like this eye paletteas i love all the colours and i can apply it easier just love it will defo buy this for sure when i run out. 

I also won a sleek blush set i love these colours not to bright and easy to appy this was just my cup of tea love it.

This was my recent win i am so lucky to have won this it is amazing i have tried the elf cosmetic brush it is one of the best brushes i have used so far as it is soft and it apply's the make up really well. 

I have also tried the body shop hemp hand cream i am not very keen on the smell of this but it really conditions my hands well can see a difference within three days. 

Another picture of all i won =

I cant wait til i try the mega manga mascara as i have heard great reviews on this and cannot wait to try it out. 

Thank you for reading my post i hope you enjoyed reading this and thank you for all the bloggers who have had these competitions i am one happy girly thank you.