Saturday, 29 March 2014

Hi guys im back i ant been on for ages sorry bout that had new job and things got on top you no how it is. Anyway im back now and want to share with you my recent haul in superdrug. There is so many new products their introducing that i haven't seen before so heres what i brought..

So i brought a new dry shampoo its tropical it smells lush and well worth the money. The new caffeine garnier eye roller for dark circles this is great does the trick too. I also got the garnier BB cream to go with it this is so light i hardly know its on love it would recommend this for sure. The little stick in the middle is the maybeline concealer stick and i must say i was a bit unsure if it would work but it does its great. the nivea bottle is a new eye make up double action and its great two attempts of wiping my eye make up off it was all gone its brill will buy this again. The last bottle is nail varnish remover its great i just but my finger in with nail varnish in the tub and turn my finger around and its gone absolutely brilliant. I love superdrug especially when all of this was under £20. BARGAIN or what????

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