Friday, 28 February 2014

Hi guys just quick question to ask you all.......

I have recently become a Avon representative and i must admit there's some great products from here and are at a reasonable price. Just blogging about this as i was wondering if i put a link on here which goes straight to a online book and straight to my account where you can order which goes straight to me.

I am willing to deliver your products anywhere in Lincolnshire is there anyone out there would be interested in this??????


  This mascara is new and fast selling at the moment people just love this product. 

Thank you for reading please let me know if you are interested


I have recently gotten into collecting handbags as you all know ladies you can never have enough handbags. Here are a few i have and a few i have on my own little wishlist :-) 

 I love this bag i use it for a day out and night out just stores enough essential to get you through the day/night. Just love it :-)

I got this for Christmas just love it cant fault it use it for day out that need more belonging to take with me so want more from their collection. 

I love these matching day and clutch bag so want this on my wish list.

 I love all three of these bags so want one for a night out would be ideal.

This handbag i really want to take on holiday with me would be good as it has a zip that hold everything i can take for a day out.

I could go on and on with all the bags i would love to have would like to know what you think of my choices in bags lol.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog 


Hey guys im back............
Well its nearly the end of February and i have not brought anything on my wishlist which is very disappointing on my part. But on a plus side i have won a few beauty products and would love to share a few things i have won with you all as i would love to know what you think of the products :-) 

My first thing i won was a beauty benefit bundle

   I love this bundle the lip glosses are amazing and the eye shadows are all neutral colours which i love as i can wear these everyday absolutely love this so lucky i won this.

The next product i won was the soap and glory eye shadow palette plus a Barry m blue nail varnish. 

I really like this eye paletteas i love all the colours and i can apply it easier just love it will defo buy this for sure when i run out. 

I also won a sleek blush set i love these colours not to bright and easy to appy this was just my cup of tea love it.

This was my recent win i am so lucky to have won this it is amazing i have tried the elf cosmetic brush it is one of the best brushes i have used so far as it is soft and it apply's the make up really well. 

I have also tried the body shop hemp hand cream i am not very keen on the smell of this but it really conditions my hands well can see a difference within three days. 

Another picture of all i won =

I cant wait til i try the mega manga mascara as i have heard great reviews on this and cannot wait to try it out. 

Thank you for reading my post i hope you enjoyed reading this and thank you for all the bloggers who have had these competitions i am one happy girly thank you.



Sunday, 9 February 2014

             Songs of the week

So recently seen this on the music channels really love this song uplifting and easy to dance to really good tune.

Heard this song yesterday must admit very catchy really good song.

This is a good funny catchy tune. Really catchy and easy to sing too.

What are your favorite songs of the week?

Thanks for taking your time to read my blog.


I enjoy watching alot of different series on tele whether its supernatural, crime or chick flick type programmes.

I was brought the vampire diaries box set 1-4 for Christmas. I started to watch it in the middle of January well i cant stop watching it there's so much going on from the original vampires, witches, werewolves, ghosts and hybrids there's different stories and plots leading to one thing the doppelganger which is a really good story. soo addictive can't wait to see what season 5 has in store for me. 

The next programme i have got addicted to is Nikita well i wasn't keen on it at the start as it took a while to get going, but now i love it cant wait to get season 3.

I have enjoyed the Grimm this is really good really enjoying this show. Got plots to this as well always leaves you thinking what will happen next. 

I have recently brought the sex and the city boxset cant wait to get watching them. I have watched the films but never the series. 

I enjoy watching criminal minds got season 1 to 7 need to get season 8 and 9.I also have got Hawaii 50 season 1,2 and 3 and NCIS Los Angeles season 1,2,3 and 4 cant wait till the new ones are out.

I have recently heard about a new american show called girls a spinoff from sex and the city. I have read the reviews on this apparently it is funny and really addictive. Might just have to get this and see for myself as on amazon its quite cheap for a boxset. 

My next Dvds i would like to get now are charmed the complete seasons as i started to watch this on tv but missed episodes so stopped watching it. Would be good to get this and finally know what happens to the sisters. 

Thank you for reading my blog what tv shows do you enjoy? Cant wait to see your comments. 


Feb wishlist

Hey im back cant believe its February already. In this post im gonna let you all know what my February wishlist is.

I have recently seen the new maybeline big eyes mascara on the television and thought wow might give this a go. I have read reviews on this it sounds great and apparently does the trick. WHAT DO YOU ALL THINK?

Soap and glory super - colour fabulipstick collogen boosting lipstick. 

I So want to try this the reviews are really good too. LOVE soap and glory at moment.

The Clinque touch base for eyes - all skin types.

Well i have read the reviews on this and must say im impressed with what i have read i really want to try this along with my eye shadows and see what it looks like. 

Well i have decided to buy a blusher to try but have no idea what kind of blusher to have. Any preferences? I have thought about trying a light one at first what do u all think? I have a MUA one at the moment and have tried this but want to be a bit more risky and braver what do you think of the Max Factor flawless perfection range? 

Max Factor Flawless Perfection Blush Chestnut 235I have also seen the Gosh blusherGosh Multi Colour Blush Pink 50

So what do you think would love to hear your comments

And finally in the job i do my hands get really dry, chapped and sore so gonna dry and buy a decent hand cream that will help this. I have been recommended to try the burts bees hand cream. What do you all think?  

Salvation for rough, dry hands.

Thank you  for taking the time to read my blog would love to know what you all think and if you have any tips that will help i would love to hear them.