Sunday, 9 March 2014

Hey everyone im back today i am advertising my friends small business/hobbie. She makes nappy cakes and cupcakes for when a new arrival is born into the family. Here are a few pictures of what she had made.

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Here are the 2 tier cakes at 20 pounds
Or can do a 1 tier cake at 15 pounds

 All have pampers size 2 nappies,  and 100% cotton vests, socks mitts, Bib , teething ring, Johnson's baby bath or feeding bottle, depending on your choice.

Here are the cup cakes 

Displaying 20140221_105011.jpg  Single cup cake, containing cotton socks at £4.50. Or 4 boxed cup cakes containing socks, bib, scratch mitts, flannel. 8.99.

All nappy cakes come with a gift label and can be personalised if you wish. All designs come in any colour you want pink for a girl, blue for a boy, white or yellow if the gender of the baby is a surprise.  

If any of you are expecting a new arrival or know someone who is these are the perfect presents to buy. I love them :-) 

So leave a comment or direct message me on twitter @kayleighm_88 or @lizcutiecakes or email me on 

Thank you for reading my blog and hope to hear from you all soon 


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