Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Hi im Kayleigh

I'm new on here my friend has a blog says how good it is to chat about new thing whether fashion, lifestyle and different beauty products.

So here it goes im going to firstly talk about different types of perfumes that i have brought recently what my thoughts are about them.

Rihanna Fragrane -Nude 

      This is my favorite perfume so far it has a sweet floral fruity scent and also a hint of vanilla too i love it. It is not to strong plus you only need a little bit of spray of it as it lasts most of the day. I've nearly ran out of it so its on my Christmas list. Would love to hear what you all think of it too. 

Lady Gaga - Fame

   This is also a fruity, floral smell but i think is a bit stronger than Rihannas nude fragrance. I love it brought in duty free on way from Corfu.  I love the shape of the bottle very unusual and very lady gaga love it what do you all think? I use this for special occasions. 

Jennifer Lopez - Glow

  I think this is lovely to me its a clean, fresh smelling scent and not over powering. This was brought for me one birthday. I love the bottles shape and the necklace style on the bottle. I wear this daily until it has run out.

Armani Diamonds

  I personally think for the bottle it is too pricey i like the scent but it is very overpowering and is very strong fruity scent and gave me a headache. I would buy this again but use it for special occasions and not too much of it. What do u all think? 

Fragrances i would like to try and buy 

Product Details Viva la juicy perfume - I would love to try this the bottle is lovely and very unique. Has anybody got this? 

Product DetailsMarc Jacobs - Honey I would love to try this i love the bottle and have heard good reviews about this. Has anybody got this?

Product DetailsVera Wang princess - I love this bottle and have heard good reviews on this has has anybody got this?

I would love to here your thoughts of the above perfumes. Thank you for taking the time to read this :-) 

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  1. Would also love to try out Marc Jacobs - Honey perfume. x